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People can see headphones everywhere in our present life. No matter where you are, outside the door, in the house, all types of English listening exams, it appears that the headphone is crucial. From the discovery of headphone to the present, it is evolving with the development of technology.


The headphone products are getting mature from the first two minor speakers in your ears over time. Whether the kind of headphones or wearing styles, even the articulation of the core unit, it has a lot of variations. This article will show the technical variations of headset from the development until now. You can view this site for further details. 


The innovative headphone is a two pronunciation units hanging on the edge of ears, up to now it has developed several kinds of headphones. Taking it by and big, including headphone, ear loop, ear plugs, and the new progress bone transmission headphones.


Head wearing headphones are the first kind of headphones. Relating to the other kind of headphones, it is poor in the express of hint and is troublesomeness in carrying.


Earplug is a radical breakthrough in the growth of headphone. The minor size makes it very convenient to use outside. As urban emerging, ecological noise upsurges, in-ear monitor is a new discovery product that be more appropriate for the outside world smearing. Find out for further details on awesome products right here. 


Ear loop can be viewed as an intermediate product of earplug and earphone. It is very lovely in wearing. However, it does not have any clear features.


Bone passage headphone is a comparatively new technology, in the use of vibration philosophy, conveying the sound over the skull to the listening center in a straight line. Nevertheless, this product is still not famous; it is unlimited whether it can bring to a radical revolution for the headphone.


Giving to the application of headphone, the kind of headphone becomes augmented. Mostly, it falls into three kinds as closed, open, and semi-open headphone.


Open headphones normally bring a sense of comfort while listening, will not source any pressure to the ears. It is appropriate to adore music indoor. But this kind of headphone has a great impact on the environment, with a positive regional limitation.

Closed headphones are extensively used in the monitoring areas, it comes with a soft tone pad to cape the ear, so the ear can dodge from being troubled by the loud atmosphere in the procedure of listening music.


Semi-open headphone is a contemporary kind of headphone that mixes both the advantages of the two headphones above. It is popular among the youths in the procedure of listening music by mp3, mobile phones and personal stereos etc. it cannot be totally over the ears, but can decrease outside noise.